Scrap Happy January

I mentioned in my previous post that a number of patchwork cushion covers were disintegrating and I wanted to replace them. When I thought about it I realised that I had made them when we were living in North Devon so that must have been the early 80’s. Most of the fabric I used was part of a large bale I bought when my daughter was a baby (she will be 45 in a couple of months!) which was ends, offcuts, pieces that had torn or been roughly joined during processing and printed peieces which had got folded going through the printing rollers so had white streaks down them. It was all very cheap because only someone happy to cut out and use the good bits would be able to make use of it. In those days patchwork was unfashionable and I had never heard of a fat quarter so I think the firm was just happy to get rid of it all.

Having done quite a bit of knitting recently I decided to have a change and do some patchwork instead and since it was for the evenings in front of the fire I opted for hand stitched hexagons. Looking for my templates which proved to be hidden in plain sight (memo to self – tidy the studio and stop wasting time hunting for things) I found this collection of hexies already cut and basted. The yellow broiderie anglais one bottom right is an offcut from the dresses my bridesmaids wore when I got married in 1971! The plaid is from an old work shirt and the plains were pieces of sheeting I picked up as remnants aeons ago.


In the same basket I found this piece which used to be on a cushion cover. Presumably the backing got stained or damaged and I salvaged the applique.


I have started to stitch some of the pieces together. The central printed blue is from that original bale – only a few small bits remain but it has done me proud. I never thought when I bought it that it would last me this long!


For some reason copying and pasting the links to the other happy scrappers isn’t working but you can find them all by going to Kate’s post They are all well worth a visit!

196 thoughts on “Scrap Happy January

  1. Bear March 15, 2021 / 1:33 pm

    Hello! I love hexies, too. I started with a huge box of hexies gifted on my wedding day… never finished as it was lost in a housefire. About 2 years ago, I decided that I really wanted to start a hexie quilt again. I couldn’t decide on what size I liked, so I cut about 4 different sizes out of whatever scraps I manage to get, starting largest. So far, I have 3 shoeboxes full. Enough large ones for a twin quilt, and the smaller ones are just collecting dust at the moment as there aren’t eenough yet. I find my remnants at a local thrifty store, a bag of “whatever” for between a $1- $3 and you never know just what’s inside. It’s fun. One time, I found pot holders (brand new, and usable! yeah!), another was pre-cut diamonds enough to do a whole queen size quilt, and the best was finding a little baby boys linen outfit, circa 1940’s. It’s too cute! I’m having it framed with some other little baby things. What fun scrappy is!

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    • Going Batty in Wales March 15, 2021 / 4:18 pm

      Our shops rarely have remnants in bags and I have never found ready cut quilting pieces! Lucky you! Good luck with your quilts – do show us all how they progress.

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