Plan Z and counting

When I had finished writing my last post on Monday I decided to go and visit a friend who lives just up the hill. The friend who did my washing when my machine broke down at the start of lockdown and who got her student daughter to do my shopping for me. She and her husband had taken a much needed short break and gone away – if they stay something goes wrong on the farm and he goes back to work to fix it. Whilst they were gone her Dad stayed in the house to supervise her teenage kids. We had a cup of tea and caught up on news.

On Wednesday her Dad was told he had tested positive for Covid 19 and so my friend and her family should self-isolate. The chances that it was passed to her AND that she passed it to me are very small (we sat 2m apart) but I decided that the responsible thing to do was to stay away from everyone. So instead of being at my daughter’s admiring her new home and catching up with her and her children I am here.

As it happened, when I got the news there were 2 men replacing the wooden outside doors in my house with uPVC ones – not a very sustainable choice but I was sick of draughts and high heating costs! I decamped to the bedroom to keep well out of their way for the 2 days the job took and emerged only when they had retreated to their van to eat their lunch, made a sandwich and took it back upstairs. I was able to walk the dogs and to come downstairs in the evening once they had gone home but it showed me how horrid it must have been to be cooped up in a small flat for the 3 weeks of full lockdown. I did finish some sewing projects though!

A pair of slippers based on espadrille soles – they are not quite right but I can improve. 2 small fish from a pattern by Ann Wood Handmade. Some granny squares for a blanket.

So why is this post called plan Z? Well a friend of my daughter asked a colleague of hers for some information my daughter needed and outlined what had been happening for her over the summer. His response was to ask if she was writing a soap opera script! He didn’t know that my son’s brother in law had almost died of Covid, that Rob (who lived in the cabin in the garden in return for helping me in the garden and woods) left suddenly leaving me with no help over the summer, that Laura moved in to replace him a month ago (she is delightful and a great help), that Matt came to fit out the utility room because it was work he could do without needing to be indoors and he needed to earn, that now I need to self-isolate…..And each of those has resulted in me revising my plans.

Some of you may have noticed that I have said very little about the Diploma in Permaculture Design I embarked on a couple of years ago. That is because I have given up, another change of plan. I intended to design ways to stay alive, well, active and living here into advanced old age and write up the designs as my portfolio. I really enjoyed doing the thinking and planning. The last stage of implementation is to turn the old garage and its loft space into habitable rooms including a shower room, all with wheelchair accessibility in mind just in case I need one and that is well underway. Meanwhile they will be additional bedrooms when family visit. I am really pleased with the results of it all. Lockdown was a good test of the strategies I had put in place to increase my resilience and I survived very well. However the writing up nearly drove me nuts. It took ages and each tutor I spoke too had their own pet ideas about how it should be laid out. I could have spent a lot of time cutting and pasting and editing, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ but decided that the things it would enable me to do were too few to justify the work. One of my tasks over winter when hopefully life will be less fraught, is to decide what, if anything, I do next. Somehow I doubt if I will be bored! Plan Z+1 coming to a blog post near you soon!


7 thoughts on “Plan Z and counting

  1. tidalscribe October 3, 2020 / 12:07 pm

    The thinking and planning sounds excellent and surely the important part!


    • Going Batty in Wales October 4, 2020 / 10:13 am

      I hope so! So far so good – I have survived OK during the last 6 months of upsets.


  2. Laurie Graves October 3, 2020 / 1:30 pm

    Phew! Lots of changes, but life is like that, especially during this time of Covid-19. Not a great planner myself, I have come to the conclusion that plans are indeed good, but they must be made with the idea that they will always be subject to change, especially in improbable times like ours. Good luck going forward, and keep us posted.


    • Going Batty in Wales October 4, 2020 / 10:12 am

      I have tried to plan for resilience – the kind of things I know you do like keeping stocks of basic food in so that if I can’t go out I have enough to eat, leaving space in the work on the old garage for wheelchair access and a lift just in case. Who knows what the future holds? bUt resilience is key to coping.

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  3. DawnGillDesigns October 4, 2020 / 9:57 am

    That’s an example of that Chinese curse, innit? ‘May you live in Interesting Times’ Hope that it all pans out and you can go and visit soon. Well done for doing the right thing, I’ve no doubt people have suggested that as the likelihood of contagion was so low you needn’t quarantine, but I’d be doing exactly the same, because it’s the socially responsible thing to do.


    • Going Batty in Wales October 4, 2020 / 10:10 am

      Thank you Dawn! I would never forgive myself it I passed the virus on particularly to my daughter who works in a school or Laura who cares for young adults with learning difficulties. I had forgotten the Chinese curse – but yes, interesting times. Can I try boring for a change?

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