Going Batty in London

Yesterday was a wonderful, exciting, proud day out in London that took me right out of my usual world and into that of wealth and privilege. My amazing eldest grandchild, Shorna, graduated with First Class Honours in International events Management and Mandarin from Regent’s University.


My Son, Hassan, and daughter-in-Law, Narju, very generously invited me and the other Grandma to join them and Shorna’s brother, Sean for the day of the ceremony. Sadly the requested visa for the other grandma to come from Bangladesh did not come through so it was just the 5 of us. Because they have recently taken in 3 new foster children and I have 2 dogs it seemed wiser for me to stay with my daughter who would be happy to feed and walk them after work so I did not have to rush back. A relative of Narju looked after the children after school so they, too could relax and enjoy the day to the full.

So it was off to Waterloo on the train then by underground to King’s Cross where we all met up. A short walk to the Regent’s canal brought us to our lunch venue. Then back on the tube system to Regent’s University which is an independent (private) University in Regent’s Park itself. Shorna went off to collect her academic gown, hood and mortar board whilst we enjoyed the courtyard garden and took our own informal photos until we all got so hot we had to retreat indoors to have the official photographs taken.



The ceremony itself was held in St Marylebone Parish Church just outside the park.




Amazingly I managed to catch the moment she shook the Chancellor’s hand without getting too many heads in the way. We were sitting up on the top tier of the balcony so actually had quite a good view!

Then there were very welcome drinks and canapes on the College lawn and we managed to get a table under the shade of the trees.


We rounded off the day with a meal at Yalla Yalla, a Lebanese restaurant which is a family favourite and parted company at Oxford Circus tube station to get our trains home. I love my life as a Welsh peasant but it is nice to experience how the other half live occasionally!

grad 5


Regular readers will have noticed that I have not posted for a while. I lost my broadband connection over a month ago and so far 3 engineers from Openreach have failed to get it working again! Another is coming next Monday to have another go. But as I am now at my daughters for a few days I can log in and write some posts about the nice things which have been happening. Please keep following and reading!


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