Making Up

We had had a falling out. Not a blazing, bust-up row, just a drifting apart. I had been seduced by the garden and was spending all my time out there, being rewarded by things growing and weeds being cleared. But the house was feeling, understandably and rightly, neglected and was not making me feel good when we were together. So I avoided being indoors which made the situation worse and so on in a negative spiral.

It was not entirely my fault. A long winter meant everything in the sitting room had been coated with smoke from the wood-burner and candles. My broken wrist had meant that cleaning was awkward to do and I could not put my hand in water so washing things like the marks on the walls was complicated. The dogs had smeared the chair covers and the bottoms of the curtains with greasy dirt from their coats and there had been very few days when I could have washed them and dried them outside. With 22 feet (belonging to 2 dogs, 3 cats and me) traipsing mud in that is a lot of muck to spread around.  By last weekend things had reached crisis point. The dirt, the stale smell, the mess were too much to bear. Something had to be done. So on Saturday I took down lots of curtains and got them washed and dried whilst it was fine, pottering happily in the garden between whiles. But on Sunday it was raining so there was no escaping outside.

It took me all day, a bottle of sugar soap, half a jar of home-made beeswax furniture polish, half a pot of Hide cream and a full drawer of dusters and polishing cloths but by supper time the sitting room was looking better and the freshly ironed curtains were back up. The washing machine is recovering well from its ordeal the previous day and I have not had the heart to tell it that the sofa covers still need to be washed when we have another fine spell.

Since I had to move everything I also had a good sort out and moved the furniture around so that it looks refreshed. I haven’t quite finished shuffling pictures and ornaments and I am not entirely sure about the positioning of the sofas but it is good enough for now.

On Monday I began to clean the dining room and again moved out boxes of things I no longer need or want. They will go in the loft for a year or two and if I still haven’t retrieved them they can go to a charity shop or the tip. That room is still not finished but I was busy today and have things to do the rest of this week so it will be a while before I am able to tackle the last bits. Meanwhile I think I am being forgiven for my unfaithfulness. I certainly feel more loved.


2 thoughts on “Making Up

  1. The Snail of Happiness April 24, 2018 / 7:59 pm

    No prospect of more washing for a while yet… the weather has bee horrible today here and I’m sure it wasn’t much better for you. I too have lots that needs to be done around the house, but I can nearly always find things I’d rather do!
    I hope that your wrist is completely healed now and that all that polishing hasn’t caused any trouble.


    • coppicelearner April 27, 2018 / 10:53 am

      I too am good at avoiding housework but sometimes it just gets toooo bad! thank you for being concerned about my wrist – it was fine. I get occasional twinges but I can do almost anything now.


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