Endings and Beginnings

Bearing in mind that this is the Hungry Gap my garden is giving me quite a lot of food at the moment. The parsnips failed completely despite 2 sowings and the carrots that are left are split and woody. There is some Kale but it looks quite sad – the outside plants have been too cold and wet of late whilst those in the greenhouse have dried out because of my lack of diligence in watering. This year I will put them in the one where I sow seeds so they get a bit more attention. And the less said about the leeks the better – small runts of plants that have been frozen in lately. But clearing the greenhouse beds of old plants I found some beetroot – a white variety ‘albino’ from real seeds – which are still good. They taste just like the familiar red ones but my brain gets confused by the colour so this year I will try golden ones and a few red as well.  And outside in some deep beds there were still some Jerusalem Artichokes.

At the same time the first salad leaves are appearing. The perennials in the veg patch come faster than anything I can sow so there is sorrel, land cress which is self seeding freely in one bed, and herb fennel. And in the greenhouse some over-wintered spinach is growing well.

In the wilder parts of the garden I can find hedge garlic (also called hedge mustard and jack by the hedge) and ransoms whilst just up the lane there is pennywort (also known as navelwort) in the hedgebank.

In the lean-to greenhouse the herbs are beginning to re-grow – chives, mint, oregano and some over-wintered parsley. there is not much of any of these but mixed together there is ample for one and very tasty they are too. A lovely foretaste of goodies to come.


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