A knitting challenge


Just at the point in late summer when I was thinking how boring and samey my wardrobe had become my friend and yoga teacher Rose came back from a work trip to Brazil with a fabulous, drapey, sensual jumper. I wanted one! (I think half the class wanted one!) But Brazil is a long way to go so I would have to knit it myself and the chances of finding a pattern to buy were pretty much zero. I have often sewn clothes using a pattern cut from an old garment but never from knitting. But needs must! So I borrowed the jumper and started counting rows and stitches.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I started knitting I discovered I had misjudged the weight of wool to use. I had bought some Aran and had to start again in Double knitting. I chose some inexpensive synthetic yarn for this experiment because I guessed there would be quite a bit of unravelling and trying again. I bought cream because it is one of the few colours which varies so little between dye lots that underestimating the amount needed would not be a disaster. The front is very long so took a lot of time, the back went straightforwardly and I was just beginning to feel a bit smug when I discovered the sleeves were coming out too narrow. Some rethinking and (literally!) back-of-the-envelope calculations and I had a better pattern.


When it was finished I asked Rose to wear her original to yoga and I wore my copy. They are not identical but I am rather pleased with my first go at copying and it has done my confidence as a knitter a lot of good.


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