New plants for old

A bsmall blackcurrant plant grown from a cuttingThe blackcurrants have fruited well but where they have got overgrown they have died. However when I cleared round them I found that they had layered themselves and as I always use the prunings as cuttings I had loads of new plants ready to go in as replacements.



As soon as John Six had finished the terracing we planted slips of a fast growing willow variety along the bank above the top terrace as a source of firewood. they grew well with a very high ‘strike’ rate but by the time I got around to felling them the majority had died and fallen down. Without coppicing they had simply reached the end of their days. I cleared one area and put in more willow but hardly any of it survived. Luckily I have 2 sources of new trees.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirstly, because there are plenty of mature trees around the garden, I weed out loads of small self-sown seedlings from the vegetable beds. By putting them into pots and growing them on I get saplings to plant as new woodland.



Secondly I save apple pips, vernalise them in the fridge and sow those. Last year I got 26 little apple trees.

Of course because they were cross pollenated I may get the next Bramley’s Seedling or Cox’s Orange Pippin or something inedible! Whatever they turn out like they will add variety to the woodland spaces and the bees and birds will love them.


2 thoughts on “New plants for old

  1. coppicelearner September 28, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Sadly my ground seems to be too dry now. it is a shame because they grow fast and coppice well so are very useful.


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